Is there a «before» shopping moment»? Sure it is! There are many tips to maximize your shopping time and money. For me the «KEY» issue is to make an ahead shopping list with all those ítems I´m looking for and actually need. It may sound boring, but believe me it ends up being extremely helpful. Of course I encourage my daughters to do their own «wishlists» which also saves me time and money. It´s also useful to help me buying the right outfits for everybody. Why would this be useful? Because you stick to your budget (or kind of) and won´t end up buying tons of clothes you may never wear. Ok, of course there´s always «that item you got on a sale», «the unexpected bargain of your life» you couldn´t avoid! Just go for it. The point is to finish your shopping with your shopping list checked not having spent lots of bucks and without the ítems you really need.

make an ahead shopping list with all those ítems YOU´RE looking for and actually need








My fave 7 TIPS to maximize my shopping:

1- Go to your wardrobe and get sure what items you need to replace. Your White shirt? Your black jeans? See if you need to freshen up their style with a more trendy cut. Don´t forget to check the basics! Then make the list.

2- Explore your favorite brand websites to see if they offer what you´re looking for, discounts and online sales. You might save some bucks this way.

3- Be sure your loved brands have a store at the Mall you´re planning to visit. See if the Mall offers special treats (eg: valet parking, a special lounge, discounts, etc).

4- Imagine complete outfits that can work for your weekend, the beach, your job, and make your list with that target on your mind.

5- Try to know in advance the sizes of clothing for everybody you´re planning to shop.

6- Once in the Mall, get a map at the information desk. Don´t loose your time searching the place. Some Malls are huge!

shopping-list-77- If you´re planning to shop big, then bring an empty carry-on along with you. It´ll help to keep your back safe. Put all your purchases inside the carry-on. This is such a more comfortable way to shop. You´ll have your hands free to «screen the racks» and won´t get your back and hands hurt by carrying heavy bags.

Happy Shopping!