I think I´ve shopped in all the Malls that surround the Miami area: Aventura, Dadeland, Dolphin, The Falls, Sawgrass, Bal Harbour and the list goes on. My experience as a «shopping lover» along the years has demosntrated me one fact: I always shop in the same stores. No matter which Mall I´m in, I tend to repeat the same stores over and over again. Why´s that? Because I have developed a certain style which I´m comfortable with and I know the type of clothes I (or my family) like, so I end up going back to the same places. It gives me the certainty that there I´ll surely find what I´m looking for. As simple as that.

So my suggestion is: before you choose a Mall, check if your favorite brands have a store where you´re planning to shop. Otherwise, you may feel dissapointed (although you can always purchase items online). Malls are really huge and it takes a lot of time to go from one store to another and «screen» every rack! Plan the time you want to spend there and don´t forget to ask for a map!

Another tip: make an ahead «wish list» of the ítems you need to purchase, you might end up buying tons of things you were not looking for just because they were on sale!

Lincoln Road, the perfect combination of shops and restaurants

I´m not fond of crowds. So my favorite place to shop in Miami is Lincoln Road in South Beach. I love open spaces. And most of the stores are open until 11 pm, so I can go shopping after my beachtime, walking smoothly and then have dinner in a nice restaurant. So my day is kind of complete! I must admit I don´t like to cope with the traffic, parking and all what means having a car or renting one. Most of the stores I like are located either on Lincoln Road or on Collins Avenue. There´s also a small Macy´s which is on Meridian Avenue with great sales and very few people inside. In general, this area is not crowded, so it has some benefits: you can shop fast (there´re no long cashier lines); you have more chances of finding your size and once you´ve finished you can indulge yourself with a delicious dinner!

And even more: if you´re fond of movies, there´s a movie theater, the «Regal Cinemas South Beach» at 1120 Lincoln Road, with plenty of movies showing at the same time.


TIP: if you didn´t like the movie, you can watch another one for free!