Few things are better in summer than enjoying a delicious ice cream. However, ice cream in Italy just goes out nice either in summer or in winter. It doesn´t matter if you´re cold from head to toes, an ice cream will suit you great!

With my ice cream from Venchi´s around the hotel´s corner on Via delle Croce!

I´ve tried many ice cream shops in Rome and Florence while visiting. Never getting bored of ice cream, I couldn´t find an amazing one. Until I came across with VENCHI. OMG!!! This store specializes in chocolate, not just ice cream, but chocolate bars -some very huge- candies and spreads as well. It doesn´t have tons of flavours, but you´ll love any of them. From Gianduja -my favourite- to hazelnut, pistachio or chocolate mint, all put me in a difficult choice position!



What you see in the back of this picture is a wall with a supposedly fountain of liquid chocolate!

Prices are reasonable and it´s usually open until 10 pm. Go check it! It has stores in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milano and other European cities.