You might already know I always dive into a deep research before visiting new places. Viewpoints are my weakness, for no reason, I just love them! Though I´ve been in Florence before, I wasn´t aware of the best viewpoint in that lovely city. So when I read about «Piazzale Michelangelo» I didn´t hesitate. Our trip to Florence was next and I told everyone «we should give it a try and see it by ourselves». It´s true sometimes you read online nice comments about places and then they end up being lousy or a waste of time.


First thing you wanna know is that it´s not located in the middle of the city, but on a hill above the «Boboli Gardens«. If you plan to go there walking please note you´ll have at least one hour (maybe more, depending on weather conditions and the rush you have). As we didn´t have that much time, and it was Winter and a freezing cold day, we took a cab directly to the Piazzale (you can take a bus although).

This is a copy of the real Michelangelo´s «David» statue (the original is in the Academy Galleries)


The Brunelleschi´s famous Duomo


You´ll see plenty of people watching the city. Don´t worry, there´s plenty of space for everybody.

People also gather in the stairs to grab a coffe and a snack. The place itself doesn´t say much, but the view and perspective of Florence are amazing. The bridges, the river, the Duomo, everything is there, just for you to appreciate. Advantages? It´s a free of charge view and no need to make long lines or go through scanners, which makes the visit a lot comfy and fast. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!