Santiago de Chile is a modern and vibrant city. It´s also so close to the Andes mountains that you can enjoy an amazing view of the city and its snowy peaks. I´m a viewpoint fan because I love to peer at places from different perspectives. So, take note of my fave´s Santiago de Chile viewpoints.

  • My Number 1 Fave! San Cristóbal Hill (Cerro San Cristóbal)

This hill offers a panoramic view of Santiago, the city with its amazing buildings and the Andes behind. One can climb up the hill either by foot (it´ll take about 1 hour), on a bicycle -please, do it only if you´re a sports kind of person, it´s a steep climb to the top- by car or cab (in both cases you have to pay a toll. If you´re going on the weekend, you must wait until 1.30 pm, when access to vehicles is allowed). The way I liked best was by cable car (highly recommended!). You can take it at the base of the hill in Bellavista neighborhood, though you must expect a crowded line; in the Tupahue station or at the top where one can visit the big statue of Virgin Mary. Inside the hill there´s a huge park with a zoo, which is nice if you´re visiting with kids.

San Cristóbal´s panoramic view

The cable car also lifts bicycles up to the top, so bikers only go down the hill. Be extremely precautious as they ride down amazingly fast, sometimes overlooking pedestrians.

  • Next in line: The Sky Costanera Viewpoint

This viewpoint, located in the highest floor of Costanera Center Shopping Mall, in Providencia neighborhood is open the 365 days of the year. At a height of 300 meters, Sky Costanera offers a 360° view of the city. A lift will take you up very fast to the top. Entrance is not free, the ticket costs approximately U$ 15, but the view is totally worthy. So, if you´re not on a budget and the day is clear enough (unfortunately, Santiago has an elevated smog range, and sometimes there´s an air pollution alert) go up and enjoy a view of the Andes and the city from above.


Go to the basement of the Shopping Mall where you´ll find a ticket booth named «Sky Costanera» and get your tickets. If the weather is not friendly or if there´s too much smog, think about it, because most probably the view would not be very good.


Saint Luci­a Hill

In the heart of the historic district of Santiago, Saint Lucia Hill provides with a different approach. You won´t see the modern side of the city or the Andes, but the hill itself offers a very interesting array of things to do. From the Japanese Garden to the Neptuno Fountain, the vault of Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna -a very respected and well-known Santiago´s former Mayor, or the Hidalgo Castle, you´ll enjoy plenty of entertainments.

Neptuno Fountain




So, put on your sneakers -sometimes the road can be slippery-, don´t hesitate, go up and enjoy the view!