Have you ever wondered about exotic waterfalls, thrilling mountain views, sunny beaches, amazing nature and terrific urban landscape all together in one country? Well, the world is big enough and Argentina offers all of this and more. Here´s my top 5 places to visit list in Argentina.

1) City Lover? Discover Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was born by the end of the 16th century, so it´s young if compared to other Latin American capitals. BA is a city where activity never stops. From an attractive French architecture in the center of the city, to frenetic theater life -BA has around 200 theaters and another 200 auditoriums from the «off» circuit, so you can never get bored- to remarkable museums and excellent restaurants, Argentina´s capital has a lot to offer. Neighborhoods such as Palermo, La Boca, San Telmo and Recoleta are the favourite places or «barrios» that people love to visit in BA.

  • Wanna go to the Opera or the Ballet? Look what «Colon Theater» looks like!


  • Are you an architecture lover? In BA you´ll find dazzling buildings made with materials brought directly from Italy, France and Spain. Palace Barolo and Paz are examples of this style typical from the beginning of the 20th century (both can be visited inside). Don´t miss Plaza de Mayo, where the Presidential House and the Cathedral stand. Walk along «Diagonal Norte» Ave. and admire the gorgeous buildings.
Front view of «Palacio Paz»


  • Want to walk outdoors? The Japanese Garden and Palermo Gardens will give you a break from the frantic urban rhythm.
Palermo Gardens


2) In need of contact with nature? Visit Iguazu Waterfalls!

Iguazu is the most southern tropical jungle in the continent. It has its own airport, so getting there is easy. You´ll need at least 2 days to grab every bite of the waterfalls. You have the «inferior circuit» where you get to touch the water from the cascades; the «superior circuit», a lot easier than the first because it has no stairs and you can enjoy with a view from above and, «The Devil´s Throat» where you won´t believe the amount of water that runs under your feet. Rainbows will surround you along with exotic flowers and plants, birds, butterflies, monkeys and racoons.


3) Mountain Fan? Don´t miss Jujuy!

Before my visit to the province of Jujuy in the north of Argentina and next to the border with Bolivia, I never imagined I would find the mountains so attractive. The different colors are very strong and transmit a particular and vibrant energy. It´s breathtaking! Note that distances in Jujuy are huge, so you´ll need a car or a tour to move from one place to another. Below, find a list of the places to visit in Jujuy.

  • A Rainbow? No! «Humahuaca´s Gorge» will overwhelm your eyes!
«Cerro de los 7 Colores» or «7 Color Hill». Beautifu!
  • «Purmamarca», a magic little town. Don´t miss it!


  • Big Salt Flats and Lipan Hill: the best landscape!
«Salinas Grandes» or Big Flat Salts, Jujuy, amazing!

4) Lake Enthusiast? Bariloche is waiting for you!

Bariloche has the perfect combination of great lake activities, tons of tours, excellent gastronomy and high-class hotels. It´s impossible not to fall in love with this place, ideal for a romantic escape.

Nahuel Huapi Lake and its amazing views!

5) Nature Fanatic? «Peni­nsula Valdes» will drive you crazy!

People from all over the world come every year to the natural reserve Peninsula Valdes in the southern Province of Chubut to observe the «Franca Austral Whales» (yes, you read well, whales!) with their babies or the arrival of the Magellan Penguins to the natural sanctuary where they have their own nests -every year the same couple will go back to the same cave- or get to glimpse marine elephants and seals. The land is diverse and you´ll pass from a flat soil to elegant cliffs. Distances in Peninsula Valdes are really long, so if it´s your first time I recommend taking a tour: you´ll learn a lot from the tourist guides and also rest while they are driving back.

  • Punta Tombo: a penguin sanctuary: I loved to visit it! I wouldn´t hesitate to go back! Watch the penguins come out of the sea to look for their nest -the same every year, yes!-
The Magellan Penguins arriving to Punta Tombo!
A little rest before looking for their nest!


  • Whale sighting from a motorboat: take a tour and say hello to the whales and their babies from a short distance. Have your camera ready!
Isn´t she gorgeous?
  • Puerto Madryn: a city in Chubut located between Peninsula Valdes and Punta Tombo. It has its own airport and very good hotels. Ideal to stay there. You can also watch the whales from the coast while the tide is high (for free!).