On my last trip to NY, summer 2018, my teenage daughter suggested to get tickets for the brand new musical «Harry Potter and the Cursed Child». My whole family -except for me- is a huge Harry Potter fan, to the point that they remember complete dialogues and scenes! I was so surprised to learn that the plot was divided into two parts and that the whole play lasts about 6 hours!! Anyway, I got online determined to buy tickets.

But guess what? Everything was sold out -apparently- until February 2019! OMG!! I thought «This must be a huge success», as I could confirm, after reading the performance reviews. So, what could I do? Would you believe if I say I´m pretty stubborn when something gets into my mind? This wasn´t the first time I couldn´t get tickets for Broadway, but I like to please the people I love, so on those cases I move myself until I fulfill my purpose. Are you wondering if I got the Harry Potter´tickets? Sure I did! And that, inspired me to write this post with tips and ideas as I am sure it will help you as much as it helped me. For any show.

Besides the traditional ticket purchasing, which other ways are possible to obtain them? Here is my list, which I have personally used and proved that truly work!

  1. Lottery: The Broadway Direct Official Digital Lottery daily offers a limited number of tickets. One must register online providing an e-mail address and completing a form with some personal data. It is important that the name you provide matches the one is going to be shown at the theater in case you win. If it doesn´t just say goodbye to the tickets. In case you win the Lottery, you will receive an e-mail confirming the tickets and providing you with a 60 minutes time lapse to pay (always with credit card of course). You must be very careful with complying during this period, otherwise, the tickets will be resold. Once you get your purchase confirmation, just show up at the theater´s Box Office 1 hour before the performance starts.

Usually the seats are good, mainly in Orchestra; however, sometimes -very rarely- you can get tickets for Mezzanine. But, you only pay very little compared with what the play really costs.

Regarding the «Harry Potter and the Cursed Child«, the Lyric theater (where the show is running) provides the Lottery only on Fridays. Registering begins early, at 12 am and there is time until 12pm that same Friday to send an e-mail registering for the Lottery. The theater releases 40 awesome seats for the whole week, so you may expect getting them for any time of the following week. They named it «The Friday Forty»and the fare you pay is only U$20 per ticket, a real give-away!

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2. The Theater Box Office: usually for every performance there are available tickets due to last minute cancellations. So don´t hesitate to show up personally at the Theater´s Box Office (perhaps a previous phone call can help, although I prefer to go in person) the same day of the show. Go in the morning as soon as the Office opens. It works!

Pay attention to this story: I remember 5 years ago, my mom and I where in Manhattan and she wanted to see «South Pacific», a play that her friends had strongly recommended and that reminded her of her childhood. As a little girl she would listen to the LP with music and lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and the play premiered on Broadway in the late 40´. So, she had fantasysed, sang and imagined in her head that plot for years. We headed to the Lincoln Center to find out that there were no tickets available (online purchase was not an option yet at that time). She felt so discouraged, so dissapointed that my heart broke into pieces. However, the man at the Box Office told us «you may try some other day, cancellations are usual…». Of course my mom thought that was the end of it and that no chance of cancellation was even a possibility. But, as I said before I define myself as obstinate and determined, so the following morning I addressed again the Box Office and inquired for tickets. «I got three available!!!! This time there was a lady at the Box Office who showed me the seats. I began sobbing, couldn´t help it, sorry! And she said: «Don´t worry, these are very good seats», something I knew since I saw the theater map. I told her my mom´s story and she went sobbing along with me!! We needed 3 thickets as my sister was also joining us on the trip. We spent the most amazing time and I gave her a precious gift: going back to the joy of her childhood, which has no price.

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3. The Resellers: my first thought when I hear the word resellers is «expensive». Well, to my surprise this is not necessarily so. 

When browsing for Harry Potter´s tickets I came across with many resellers, which I honestly didn´t know of their existence before. But as the main webpage selling tickets for that play didn´t allow me to purchase tickets at all (it is possible to buy tickets for both parts or for only one part -please, don´t do that!! seriously, both parts are a must see!) I decided to try other ways. 

There are many reselling webpages. I signed up for at least three: Bigstub; Stubhub and TodayTix. And began following the latest news. For my surprise, Stubhub not only allows one buying tickets but also selling them. So, let´s say a person bought tickets but something unexpected happens and cannot attend the play. So, that person «sells» the tickets setting the price. I saw some nice tickets on Orchestra but hesitated and thought it was a lot of money and that perhaps we should change plans and go to see something else. But as these resellers keep sending e-mails, I entered every day and discovered that the offered seats I previously liked had been remarked down. And the following day, again. It came clear to me that when somebody is in the need of assuring the selling and the date of the show approaches, they have the chance to lower the price they want for the tickets. Not all the seats had a change in price. But they were unaffordable to me.

I decided to buy the original tickets at a this lower price they were offered. I got an e-mail transferring me the tickets which I pick up at the Box Office on «Will Call» the day of the show (it´s a call for international transactions. One has to show up 1 hour before the show with a valid ID and the credit card). We spent two wonderful and unforgettable nights. I, the «NoHarryPotterFan» can say that is a must see performance!! Take into account that it is not a musical (forget about the special effects and the live orchestra), it´s a theater play. So, if your English is not very Sharp, you better read the book first, so you won´t get lost. 100% recommended: Stubhub and Harry Potter!!!