In this post I want to share with you some amazing hangout spots I discovered on my recent trip to Paris. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Midday: Lunch at «Le Train Bleu«(The Blue Train) Restaurant

I had seen so many pictures of this gorgeous restaurant that I wanted to go although it is not the usual place I will pick for lunch. I like cool places with an informal and chilling atmosphere and good food, where one can be relaxed and with no «etiquette» to comply with. Le Train Bleu is very glamorous, one seems to be inside a palace, so I felt it was uncommon for me, but the reviews, pictures and the architecture looked so interesting that I decided to give it a try. I asked to myself….why not? So, I made an online reservation before landing in Paris (tip! I wanted to make sure a nice table, and also forget about reservation issues during my trip).

IMG_8886 (Mediano)
«Le Train Bleu» staircase, inside the Lyon Trainstation

It is easy to get there because it is located inside the «Gare de Lyon» (Lyon Trainstation in Paris) perhaps one of the most beautiful of all the trainstations Paris has. There are more tan 7 trainstations (yes! more than 7!!), so picking which is the best depends on your own taste. Let´s go back to the restaurant. «Le Train Bleu» was built in 1901 after the famous Universal Exposition that took place in Paris, with a mix of Baroque and Beaux-Arts style. Every detail has been taken care of. After going inside through a stunning stair (some people complain it is the only way in), the indoor decoration makes one feel like in a palace. The ceiling, the walls, the lamps, the whole environment seem to transport one to «Belle-Epoque» times.

le train bleu restaurant

The food was amazing: I had a 3 full course meal and even though I loved them all, I have to say that my favourite was the dessert. I had the specialty of the house, «Baba bouchon au rhum«, a sweet pastry that is sprinkled with rum at your desire. I asked the waiter to pour very little -I was scared it would taste too strong, but it didn´t- and with the chantilly cream on the side believe me it was the perfect combination. The funny thing is that the waiter left the rum bottle on the table, in case I decided to soak it up a little more! The staff was attentive, kind and very helpful. I will go back on my next trip to Paris!
le train bleu desertMore info: http://www.le-train-bleu.com/uk/index.php

Afternoon: A Nutella crepe at «Comestibles» in Montmartre

Every time I go to Paris, «Comestibles» is my place to enjoy a crepe. I personally crave for Nutella crepes, but my hubby adores the banana-chocolate mix. So, each of us has a full crepe and sharing here is not an option (in French one has to say «pour partager» if you want to share a dish). Why do we love «Comestibles»? It is simple: the dough is the best I have ever tried and the filling is pretty generous. I hate stingy crepres! I love to feel the taste of the Nutella. The attention is impecable and the staff is very joyful.

The restaurant is located in Montmartre at the left side of the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Rue du Mont-Cenis 4, almost overlooking the famous «Place du Tertre». Check the schedule as it closes early at 8pm.

Jazz night club: «Cavue de la Huchette»

I didn´t know that the final scene of the film «LaLaLand» was inspired by this vibrant jazz club in Paris.  I found «Le Cavue de la Huchette» just by chance, looking at places nearby my hotel to do something different at night. I love jazz music and as a photographer enjoy a lot taking pictures at the musicians while they are performing on stage. Google provided a webpage so I clicked and found the whole schedule of bands, location and at what time to go. And that´s when I learned about the whole «LaLaLand´s» thing going on. One has to be there before 9pm, the time when the doors open. I recommend to get there early because there is an interesting line outside and later the place gets really crowded. The entrance costs 13-15 euros depending on the day and drinks are on the side. On the ground floor there is a large bar where one can order drinks (no food is sold here! have dinner before going!) and once you grab yours go directly downstairs to the basement. Do not expect to find a huge space, because it is exactly the opposite: that is the meaning of «Cavue», which is cave. It is shaped as a cave, with stones on the walls, a minimum stage, a tiny place for dancers and some few seats, but honestly I am quite sure that this features are what stamp «Le Cavue» atmosphere: cozy, friendly and lively. I went there alone that night and -as a woman- never felt uncomfortable or out of place, on the contrary! The show started sharp at 9.30pm as announced. Couples danced and the temperature went up in every way: because of the joy that produced staring at them while the band was sounding and because in the basement there is no AC. I sweat like hell but had the best time ever! Please, do not miss going there! It is fun guaranteed 100%! It´s on 5, Rue de la Huchette (Quartier Latin) For more info: www.cavuedelahuchette.fr/2/

cavue de la huchette 2

This sign will help you find the jazz club

cavue de la huchetteFor a quick review of my last trip to Paris in YouTube: https://youtu.be/bZ35RbxC_eY