Last summer my husband and I traveled to Europe to visit many cities. We wanted to squeeze our time, so the way we handled our «commuting time» was essential to achieve our goal. It was going to be our first time in Croatia, which doesn´t yet have super modern transportation means (one of my next posts will be about «trains in Croatia»).

After Croatia, the «icing on the cake» of our journey was Venice. Our last destination in Croatia was Dubrovnik and sad to say there are no ferries doing the Dubrovnik-Venice itinerary; thus water was not an alternative. I recognize myself as a frequent flyer traveler: I always try to add miles to my accounts to get free flights. For flight research I use all the classic apps: Kayak, Skyscanner and Google Flights. I had done my research and thought I had it all figured out: we were going to fly from Dubrovnik (the airport is amazing and its getting bigger right now!) to Venice with a connection in Rome. Total commuting time: about 10-12 hours of daylight (counting the time ahead one has to leave to the airport). That was the fastest route I had found. Thank God I hadn´t buy the tickets. Because the day I decided to do so, a new and DIRECT route appeared on my screen! Yes! Dubrovnik-Venice, with no connecting issues at all! But…the airline was EasyJet, a famous low cost airline for Europeans, but not for Latin American people like me. I mean, I´ve heard tons of times about it, but had not one single friend who had actually flew with EasyJet.

easyjet (Mediano)

Solving the commuting puzle with such an amazing offer turned to be very seductive. At the time I bought the tickets, I also pay for the extra luggage to avoid surprises at the airport. The online purchase was simple and quick and the price very competitive; it was even cheaper than flying on a traditional airline (I mean, adding the luggage fee).

Checking online before the flight was pretty quick too. But what about the actual experience of flying with EasyJet? First of all, the luggage dropp-off is the most modern I have seen. It´s a DIY process. There is a machine that weights the suitcases, one types the flight and it prints a tag to stick and wrap around the handle, with all the details (name, destination, flight).

easyjet 5The flight boarded on time and buses take the passengers to the stairs to get in the plane. I expected a small aircraft -because of the route- but was surprised to see a huge one. The flight was full! There is space inside the cabin for backpacks, carry-ons and other stuff. Seats are narrow and do not recline, but one doesn´t even feel it on a 1 hour flight. Food is for purchase. The crew was very nice and helpful with people. We departed on time and I fell asleep as soon as we took off. When I open my eyes we were landing in Venice, LOL! the trip felt so short!

easy jet 4

Finding the luggage in Venice was dynamic, so I must say the outcome was perfect. I went into the aircraft filled with my box of biasses and left them there! Thank you EasyJet for making the most of our travel experience! I hope to fly again with you soon!